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Review of “The Earthscan Reader on NGO Management”: The Role of NGOs in Sustainable Development and Heritage Management around the World

This text on NGO management is an edited collection of essays focusing on issues in the goals, efficacy, structure and administration of non-governmental development organizations (NGDOs), and is itself organized in a textbook-like fashion, with an apparent audience of people … Continue reading

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Review of “Cross-Cultural Management” (Part 2): Implications for UNESCO, Sustainability and World Heritage

(This review is a continuing study of the text first analyzed here.) In the second half of this book, David Thomas explores the primary responsibilities of managers and how they manifest in cross-cultural contexts, as well more specific challenges affecting … Continue reading

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Review of “Cross-Cultural Management” (Part. 1): The Effects of Cultural Assumptions on Heritage Management Practices

This review is of the first major section of the text Cross-Cultural Management: Essential Concepts, in which David C. Thomas addresses common assumptions about norms for social interaction that can affect interpersonal behavior in organizations, particularly on the management level.  … Continue reading

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Review of “Our Common Future,” the United Nations’ Report on Sustainable Development

The United Nations’ 1987 Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), also known as “Our Common Future” and the “Brundtland Report,” was the culmination of a several-year-long study that sought to identify obstacles to the long-term health … Continue reading

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Throsby’s Three Golden Rules of Sustainability for Cultural Tourism Destinations

1) Getting the values right Economic values identification of market and non-market effects non-market effects are much harder to determine accurately, due to their complicated entanglement in cultural values Cultural values aesthetic value – interpretations of the beauty of the … Continue reading

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