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Iraq’s Artifacts of Exile « LobeLog

The looting and destruction of ancient artifacts and sites in Iraq over the last few decades, with a focus on the thefts from the Baghdad Museum, are infamous touchstones of the modern cause of heritage preservation – thousands of works with incalculable value … Continue reading

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Review of “Clan, Caste and Club”: Adding India to the Conversation

Clan, Caste and Club, by F.L.K. Hsu (1963), focuses on the major differences among those cultural structures that are most common and valued in America, Hindu India, and China, seeking to add nuance to the understanding of each by means of … Continue reading

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The Science of Preservation: A Podcast on the Conservation of a Crumbling Church in Philadelphia

Episode 169: Neighborhood Preservation | Chemical Heritage Foundation. “March 19, 2013 | Distillations Staff Download Subscribe in iTunes Majestic old buildings testify to the rich history of cities across the world. But why do some of these buildings seem unaged while … Continue reading

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The Reconstruction of Mecca’s Grand Mosque Involves Extensive Damage to Major Historical Features

In a move that is controversial among both heritage professionals and Muslim groups outside of the extremist Wahabi government of Saudi Arabia, the rulers of Islam’s birthplace have begun construction on the Grand Mosque of Mecca in order to expand … Continue reading

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Egypt’s tomb raiders put precious monuments in real danger

It would appear that the famous Egyptian archaeologist and vociferous advocate of repatriation efforts, Zahi Hawass, despite having been removed from the government in a state of disgrace, is still active in promoting the protection of important historical sites and … Continue reading

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Reblogged: What causes most heritage damage?

What causes most heritage damage? | The Heritage Journal. “A clue…: An interesting English Heritage document, Heritage Crime Research: The Size of the Problem seeks to evaluate the damage caused by various crimes and in our particular sphere of interest (scheduled monuments and … Continue reading

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Sunset Views and Sustainable Tourism Concerns at Angkor

http://www.wmf.org/field/sunset-views-and-sustainable-tourism-concerns-angkor “Sunset Views and Sustainable Tourism Concerns at Angkor Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Sustainable tourism is an important element of WMF’s work and a critical message around the world as heritage sites balance protecting fragile, historic materials and providing a … Continue reading

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The World Monument Fund’s projects to “Save Angkor”

The World Monuments Fund is one of the major international organizations working with both UNESCO and Cambodian authorities charged with protecting Angkor (such as APSARA, whose role will be elaborated in later posts).  The WMF focuses on preservation activities, but … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Angkor as an Icon of Cultural Tourism and Sustainability Efforts

Angkor Archaeological Park, in Siem Reap, Cambodia, became a World Heritage Site in 1992 under unprecedented circumstances, and has since become a prime exemplar of the issues that popular destinations of cultural tourism face when trying to achieve sustainability. The … Continue reading

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