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Review of “Clan, Caste and Club”: Adding India to the Conversation

Clan, Caste and Club, by F.L.K. Hsu (1963), focuses on the major differences among those cultural structures that are most common and valued in America, Hindu India, and China, seeking to add nuance to the understanding of each by means of … Continue reading

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“Between dream and reality: Debating the impact of World Heritage Listing”

Call for papers – Universitetet i Oslo. This conference, to be held in Oslo on November 14th-15th of this year, seems like it might fit well into the direction I have started to shift my research, so I’ll be keeping … Continue reading

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The Reconstruction of Mecca’s Grand Mosque Involves Extensive Damage to Major Historical Features

In a move that is controversial among both heritage professionals and Muslim groups outside of the extremist Wahabi government of Saudi Arabia, the rulers of Islam’s birthplace have begun construction on the Grand Mosque of Mecca in order to expand … Continue reading

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Will the AAMD’s Newly Updated Guidelines Lead to Substantial Change in Museum Collecting Practices?

Center for Art Law: Will the AAMD’s Newly Updated Guidelines Lead to Substantial Change in Museum Collecting Practices? “In late January, the Association of Art Museum Directors (the AAMD) announced that it was publishing a revision to its “Guidelines on … Continue reading

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Jon Jarvis, Director of the US National Park Service, Discusses National Heritage Areas

Heritage Areas – YouTube Jonathan Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service, created this video as part of efforts to promote a system of National Heritage Areas in the US, and discusses the basics of how they fundamentally rely on … Continue reading

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What is “sustainability” and how does it relate to cultural policies?

The idea of sustainability originated in the 1970s and 80s primarily in reference to environmental policies, and therefore integrates the environmental concept of complex ecosystems.  Many recent definitions derive from the Brundtland Commission’s description of sustainable development, in particular, as … Continue reading

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