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I am a cultural historian specializing in heritage and museum studies - particularly issues surrounding the ownership, interpretation, and presentation of historic works, sites and landscapes that are connected to identity narratives. I am also a writer, editor, and photographer, with a penchant for applying these skills to topics related to travel, cultural and natural heritage, and the arts. Throughout my work, I am passionate about teaching - helping others to develop their skills, deepen their understanding, question their assumptions, and realize their visions.

Senate Votes to Ban Imports of Syrian Art and Antiquities – The New York Times

As the organization Saving Antiquities for Everyone recently commented, “On Wednesday, the US Senate voted on banning the import of all art and artifacts from Syria, in an attempt to curb the looting and trafficking of antiquities of illicit objects … Continue reading

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Almost half of natural World Heritage sites under severe threat, says WWF –

As the Global Heritage Fund commented, “A new report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) states that more than 11 million people – more than the population of Portugal – and over half of our natural World Heritage Sites are … Continue reading

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Iraq’s Artifacts of Exile « LobeLog

The looting and destruction of ancient artifacts and sites in Iraq over the last few decades, with a focus on the thefts from the Baghdad Museum, are infamous touchstones of the modern cause of heritage preservation – thousands of works with incalculable value … Continue reading

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Our Natural History, Endangered – The New York Times

Whether it is anti-intellectualism, anti-science, the belief that that such places are boring and outdated, or the simple prioritization of donating to other organizations over museums, there are numerous factors that are turning people – and critical funding – away from natural history … Continue reading

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9 Things Museums Can Do To Improve The Way We Experience Art

Sustainability for museums means staying relevant to the changing needs and expectations of target audiences as culture and technology shift over time.  It also means working to increase accessibility and engagement for people who have previously not felt welcome in the … Continue reading

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Update on my Research Project and the Purpose of this Blog

I am currently a fifth-year graduate student in Cornell’s Ph.D. program in the History of Art, Archaeology and Visual Studies, and am in the early stages of my dissertation research.  This blog is part of a long-term project contributing to … Continue reading

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Returning to the blog

It has been a busy school year and I have unfortunately not posted here in quite some time. Soon, though, I intend to fix this by updating a number of sections about me and my work, and adding some new … Continue reading

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Review of “The Earthscan Reader on NGO Management”: The Role of NGOs in Sustainable Development and Heritage Management around the World

This text on NGO management is an edited collection of essays focusing on issues in the goals, efficacy, structure and administration of non-governmental development organizations (NGDOs), and is itself organized in a textbook-like fashion, with an apparent audience of people … Continue reading

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Review of “Cross-Cultural Management” (Part 2): Implications for UNESCO, Sustainability and World Heritage

(This review is a continuing study of the text first analyzed here.) In the second half of this book, David Thomas explores the primary responsibilities of managers and how they manifest in cross-cultural contexts, as well more specific challenges affecting … Continue reading

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Review of “Cross-Cultural Management” (Part. 1): The Effects of Cultural Assumptions on Heritage Management Practices

This review is of the first major section of the text Cross-Cultural Management: Essential Concepts, in which David C. Thomas addresses common assumptions about norms for social interaction that can affect interpersonal behavior in organizations, particularly on the management level.  … Continue reading

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