Navigating the Blog

This blog uses a combination of dynamic and static pages, meaning that some sections update with posts ordered chronologically with the most recent at the top, and other sections present a stable set of information.  The Home tab in the header is an aggregation of all dynamic posts created for this site, and updates accordingly.  These are organized chronologically and include information about the category and tags for each post.  The tabs for specific case studies, sustainability and revitalization also display the posts that fit each of those categories, thus separating them out from the main stream for added focus and clarity.  Some tabs have a combination of features, in order to better organize their relevant materials,  and include both a main page for the tab and subsidiary pages found in the drop-down menus accessible by hovering over the tab title.

“Categories” describe major topics, and affect the structure of the tabs in the blog’s header, indicating primary components of this project.  In contrast, “tags” provide more nuanced groupings of posts.  Once there are a large number of posts created for this blog, the “tags” will become more useful, allowing visitors to click the name of a tag to find an aggregate of all posts, regardless of the “category,” that pertain to the topic of that tag.  This dual system allows for greater searchability and organizing power once sufficient data has been added to the blog overall.

Please explore!


One Response to Navigating the Blog

  1. ankur11 says:

    You explain it very nicely.. I like the way you use everything on your blog. You update it with all necessary things like static and dynamic, category, archives and blog and follow.

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