Returning to the blog

It has been a busy school year and I have unfortunately not posted here in quite some time. Soon, though, I intend to fix this by updating a number of sections about me and my work, and adding some new material that I have written in the last year on historic preservation law, the history of “heritage” as an idea tied to industrialization and the highly politicized nature of museums in the modern era, and the arguments for and against repatriation. My interests and framework have grown a lot over the last year and it will be good to address those developments in this space. I will also come back to a regular schedule of posting reflections on readings, news articles, and material from the start of my dissertation research. I’d like to use this as a platform for reflection, a collection of relevant topics in the news, and a touchstone in my research process over the coming years.

Also, I am currently at a conference on “Heritage and Healthy Societies” at UMass Amherst, and I am eager to write up some thoughts about what I’ve been learning here, so look out for that too! It’s been exciting to be surrounded by others thinking about the heritage field and how it ties in with the life of  communities outside the academy in some crucial ways, so I will definitely have material to think about and learn from based on the talks and conversations happening here.

Please check back soon to see what I add, and feel free to “follow” the blog and contribute comments!


About E. Emmons Hahn

My friends tend to consider me cheerful, enthusiastic, quirky, intelligent, nerdy, and kind. I learn and teach for a living, and am often driven to explore the diversity of human experiences and creations across the world. I am a geek for art, architecture, music, photography, mountains, astronomy, marine biology, cognitive science, and religious history. All around, I am avid about deeply engaging in the world around me and helping others in the process. /// Professionally, I am a Ph.D. Student at Cornell University working in heritage and museum studies. My specialties include the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, the UNESCO World Heritage Program, repatriation debates, art/heritage/preservation laws, museum exhibit design and education services, and community involvement in museums and heritage sites. I am also an architectural photographer, a linguist, and a cultural historian, and use all three fields to explore the creation of symbolism, meaning and cultural identity around the world.
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One Response to Returning to the blog

  1. Mark Hahn says:

    It’s nice to see you back on line! I always enjoy reading your blog entries!

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