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Review of “Cross-Cultural Management” (Part. 1): The Effects of Cultural Assumptions on Heritage Management Practices

This review is of the first major section of the text Cross-Cultural Management: Essential Concepts, in which David C. Thomas addresses common assumptions about norms for social interaction that can affect interpersonal behavior in organizations, particularly on the management level.  … Continue reading

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Review of “Clan, Caste and Club”: Adding India to the Conversation

Clan, Caste and Club, by F.L.K. Hsu (1963), focuses on the major differences among those cultural structures that are most common and valued in America, Hindu India, and China, seeking to add nuance to the understanding of each by means of … Continue reading

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Review of “The Geography of Thought” and its Relevance for World Heritage Management

The fascinating and accessibly-written book The Geography of Thought, published in 2004 by cultural psychologist Richard Nisbett, summarizes the broad-spectrum implications of a number of studies that he, his graduate students, and his colleagues in related disciplines carried out in … Continue reading

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World Heritage Site: Huangshan of China « Flickr Blog

World Heritage Site: Huangshan of China « Flickr Blog.  The photo-sharing social media site, Flickr, has once again placed a spotlight on a World Heritage Site; this time, they chose Huangshan to highlight.   I find it curious that this … Continue reading

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Arashiyama « Flickr Blog

Arashiyama « Flickr Blog.  Once again, the editors of the Flickr Blog have chosen to highlight an internationally famous, registered historic site, this time the Arashiyama (“Storm Mountain”) area of Japan.  Just as when I noticed this inclusion of World … Continue reading

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